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Composed and written by Lico
Publishing Company: Aquarius Pustaka Musik
Music Produced at Livingroom Studio by by DJ Sumantri (a.k.a Sumobeat)
All vocals recorded at Aquarius Studio engineered by Noviandi Kurniawan 
Vocal Director & edited by Dj Sumantri
Guitar Tracks by Steve Ewok
Mixing at Aquarius Studio: Tommy Utomo & Dj Sumantri                                                                Mastering by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound Edgewater, New Jersey.
Production Supervisor: Tommy P Utomo & Nazarudin
Production/Label: Aquarius Musikindo


Jakarta, September 5th, 2022 – After kicking off his singing career with the first single entitled “Super Love” last November, Adam released a new single under the RnB genre. You’ll listen to a light acoustic guitar yet still emotional, the song composed by Lico is chosen due to its suitability with Adam’s vocal character. The music is produced with a contemporary nuance and modern atmospheric pad.

The song “Lost Without You” tells a story about a couple who aren’t
supposed to happen, denied by the universe, causing them to lose each
other. “Sometimes we know that the relationship is not good, but our ego
forces it to happen until we have to let go in the end.” States Lico, the composer.




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